Lowering The Drinking Age

Lowering the drinking age has been in the spotlight for many times. Many young adults have been arrested because of this charge and many have been charged for keeping a fake identification card for buying drinks and taking control of the market in their own hands. Many individuals have been seen selling drinks to teenagers by taking extra money of their hands. Many individuals younger than 18 have also been noticed to have slipped into the Saturday night clubs in Melbourne cbd with those fake IDs. Of many parties, birthday parties have been mostly the target of these underage drinkers for mixing birthday drinks with alcohol. It’s been reported many times that those individuals suffered road accidents just because they were drunk and younger than 18. Charges for both drunk driving and underage drinking have been charged.  

Many students have volunteered to stand up against the law concerning drinking age. Drinking age has been deducted down many times before. But then the drinking related traffic fatality number showed that percentage of young adults in these accidents was far more than any other age groups. Losing a child is not an option, losing a drink for 2 or 3 more years can be. That said, it started to push more pressure on the state to take the law back and reinstate the old law into the court. Later, it was observed that the number of accidents involving people in the group of 16 to 18 years came down.  

One of the big reason for keeping alcohol illegal for individuals under 21 is the alcohol’s association with violent behavior. Alcohol is traditionally known for academic failure and drug abuse because it alters the function of the brain. Many assault offenders have found to have consumed alcohol before the act. Many females you have been assaulted, involved in using drugs or consuming alcohol before. 

Late teens are the years where character building is at the peak. People in the community require leadership from these individuals. Academic excellence is emphasized during this age. Drinking is always going to detract from many of these figures. Young adults are always prone to addictions. They are much likely to get into these acts than other age group members. Older people are found at cocktail bars and corporate functions in Melbourne whereas young adults are found to be trading drugs. Another strong reason for not lowering the drinking age is the availability of these bottles on college campuses. Every cocktail bar is filled with fake ID, but then, every college campus will be having this privilege. College parties will be filled with alcohol all around and there will be no stopping from this, once this is legalized.  venues-functions